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Asbestos Remediation and Removal

If you have an older home, you may be concerned about asbestos that can cause health problems if it's disturbed or broken.

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Providing Reliable Asbestos Removal Services in Atlanta, GA

If you have an older home in Atlanta, GA, you may be concerned about asbestos. It can cause health problems if it’s disturbed or broken, so it’s important to know what materials in your home may contain asbestos. At Construction and Mold Remodeling, LLC, our team is highly trained to inspect for asbestos and perform an asbestos removal service if needed.

Our Professionals Can Handle the Job

When you call us in for asbestos remediation, we’ll perform tests to check the asbestos levels in your home. Our team returns to you with a management plan because, in some cases, a suitable plan to minimize risk may be enough to remove any hazards posed by the presence of asbestos in your home. However, if the situation is more serious and removal is indicated, our team is trained and experienced in safe, effective asbestos abatement. Our asbestos removal contractors have a thorough understanding of the type of materials most likely to contain asbestos, so we’ll recommend the most appropriate form of management for your circumstances.

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As a leading asbestos removal company in Atlanta, GA, we want to ensure your home is safe and free from asbestos-related hazards. We’ll do everything we can to help you find an effective and affordable solution.