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Why Painting Over Mold Is Never a Good Idea

Mold isn’t pretty, and its presence on the walls of your home or ceiling can be uncomfortable. You may think a quick solution to get rid of the mold is painting over it. As plausible as this may seem, it is a bad idea. Painting over mold to hide it has some consequences that you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with.

Below, we will talk about these consequences and the proper process for mold removal.

What Causes Mold or Mildew Inside the House?

Mold flourishes when it gets access to one of six elements. The first, mold spores, enter your home when they are carried by wind or through contaminated items. You cannot get rid of mold spores, but you can get rid of some other elements.

Spores need water to grow. If you have a damp area in your home, it can breed mold. Mold feeds on wooden items, dust, and other residues left on surfaces.

Just like other living things, mold cannot live without oxygen. It also requires low temperatures and a spot without sunlight. So if a mold pore lands on a moist and cool surface, it will likely survive in your home.

Long Term Consequences: Home Safety, Health Concerns, Property Damage

Mold in your home can pose health threats, especially for people who have weak immune systems. Mold fragments or spores can spread throughout the air in your home, causing breathing problems. Those with asthma or other lung problems are more vulnerable.

Some people are particularly susceptible to mold particles, and mold in your home can trigger an allergic reaction. They may experience an itchy throat or nose, watery eyes, or sneezing. Mold can also cause conditions such as aspergillosis, headache, or bronchitis.

Mold can also devalue your home, leaving a musty odor or dark spots and causing wallpaper to peel. It may also saturate ceilings, causing the need to replace them.

What Happens When Mold Is Painted?

Painting a moldy wall does not stop the mold from growing. If you observe the wall, you will still  notice the effects:

  • The paint will appear bubbled or cracked.
  • If you use light-colored paint, the area will darken.
  • You will perceive a musty odor.

Why Proper Remediation Is Necessary

You must follow the proper mold remediation process to remove mold from your home, reduce unsightly damage, and improve air quality. Proper mold removal will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is not exposed to mold-related illnesses. It also protects your property since the process stops the mold from growing further.

If you find mold in a small area of your home, you can clean it with bleach: mix 8 ounces of bleach with 1 gallon of water. However, if you find mold over a large area, call an expert. If you are not trained to remove widespread mold issues, you may end up contaminating an unaffected area.

Get in Touch With the Professionals              

Construction and Mold Remodeling offers complete mold inspection and remediation services. Our professionals will eliminate any mold issue your home may have. We will also test your air quality so that you can enjoy cleaner air following our visit.

Are you struggling to rid your property of mold? Trust Construction and Mold Remodeling in Atlanta to restore your home to a clean and safe state. You can book an appointment online or give us a call at (470)-696-1393.

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